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eric in lake

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Season 4 when Eric was drunk on fairy blood and could walk in the sun. Sookie and Alcide went to get Eric because if he died Pam would kill her (and we all know she would have). Eric was a little looney and wanted to fight Alcide, who resisted at first but then gave ... Read More »

True Blood Writer Pitched “Killing Sookie” in Season 5


True Blood writer Raelle Tucker participated in a seminar at the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival last week where she, along with Grey’s Anatomy producer William Harper, talked about killing off characters and other behind-the-scenes happenings on their TV series. During the seminar, Tucker revealed that, “In season 5 I pitched to kill Sookie, I really did. Because I think nobody should be ... Read More »

True Blood Fashion Q&A: Sookie’s Black Skirt, Sarah’s Print Dress, Lala’s Satin Jacket


This week’s True Blood fashion column features items that we had multiple inquiries about. From Sookie’s skirt to Sarah’s dress to Lafayette’s jacket, you all clearly know what you like! Thanks to Costume Designer Audrey Fisher, we’ve tracked down each item and linked you up. Q. I LOVE Sookie’s fashion, and I have a few of her item’s from previous series. ... Read More »

True Blood Fashion: Sookie Goes for a Walk


The True Blood Fashion Q & A is back! Costume Designer Audrey Fisher is answering your questions about items worn by the characters in True Blood season 6, beginning with what Sookie wore to go for a walk in the woods. Q.  I really want to know about Sookie’s hoodie in last nights episode! It’s purple with lace and she was ... Read More »