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True Blood Radio 218: Season 7 Questions, Answers, & Spoilers


Truebies, we’re back! After a particularly busy autumn, Mel and Liz are here with a new episode of True Blood Radio, just in time fore the holidays. In this episode we answer a few questions submitted by fans via our Speakpipe voicemail, including whether Pam and Sookie will be friends on the show, the possibility of visiting True Blood sets, ... Read More »

Leave Us a Voicemail, We May Answer In Our Next Podcast!


Hey Truebies, do you have a question or comment about the show that you’ve been dying to ask? Something you’d like for us to answer on our next podcast? We’d love to hear from you – as in actually HEAR YOUR VOICE – so we’ve set up a voicemail account with SpeakPipe so you can record your questions! See the ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 217: True Blood Season 6 Fan Survey Results


We asked, you answered! In this episode of True Blood Radio, we talk about the results from our third annual True Blood fan survey. We wanted to know what you thought about season 6, and you told us. Hear the results, some analysis, and some further questions as we go through each item on the survey. Things we talked about: ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 216: “Radioactive”


It’s season finale time and Liz & Mel have lots to say about the final hour of True Blood season 6. From Warlow’s final battle to the time jump to what’s coming in season 7, join us for this week’s True Blood Radio. Note: We recorded this episode before Brian Buckner’s post-finale interviews were published. Most of our assumptions and ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 214: Dead Meat


Anna Paquin and Anna Camp turned in stellar performances on True Blood this week, one deeply emotional and the other outrageously action-packed. We talk about the future of both Sookie and Sarah, plus how Jason can escape Violet, what Eric has planned, and the odds of Niall turning up to save the day. Read More »

True Blood Radio 207: The Sun


Vampires and faeries and weres, oh my! Humans Liz & Mel talk True Blood episode 6.02, “The Sun”, this week, highlighting the various storylines and recklessly speculating about what’s to come. Things We Mentioned: New photos for episode 6.02 Round table discussion for episode 6.02 Billie’s recap of episode 6.02 Sneak peek at episode 6.03 Preview for episode 6.03 Read More »

True Blood Radio 205: Dead Ever After


The final novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series was released May 7, and it certainly stirred up a lot of discussion! We’ve dedicated this week’s episode of True Blood Radio solely to talking about Dead Ever After. Warning: spoilers! A word about comment etiquette: True-Blood.net is a fansite, and as such we do not permit bashing, flaming, gnashing of teeth, or rending ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 204: Making Sense of the Season 6 Trailer


HBO gave us 90 seconds of awesomeness in the True Blood season 6 trailer, and we spend 45 minutes analyzing it. A new record? Plus a few spoilers from late season 6 casting calls in this episode of True Blood Radio. WARNING: SPOILERS!!! Things We Talked About: True Blood season 6 trailer Short descrptions, titles of episodes 6.01-6.03 Episode 6.08 ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 202: Dissecting the Season 6 Teaser


HBO gave us a humdinger of an Easter gift: the True Blood season 6 premiere date (June 16) and our first look at the new season! Join Liz and Mel as they dissect 30 seconds of footage and extrapolate what’s happening with Sookie, Eric, Billith, Jason, Pam, Tara, Alcide, Jessica, and whoever Rutger Hauer is playing. Plus casting news! Warning: ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 200: A Retrospective


Can you believe this is our 200th episode of True Blood Radio? That’s a lot of True Blood talk! Since launching our podcast in August 2008, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing dozens of True Blood cast and creative team members, attending special events, and let’s not forget all the spoilers! We’re celebrating this milestone with a walk down memory ... Read More »