HBO Officially Announces True Blood Season 3! (UPDATED)

At the TCA presentation today, HBO officially announced that they’ve picked up True Blood for a third season, set to debut in June 13, 2010. Not that there was any doubt, what with approximately 11 million viewers tuning in each week, but it’s still nice to hear it for certain!

Looking for when True Blood premieres in your country? The latest information is posted here.

HBO has already renewed the show for season 4.

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Updated 09.21.09: Judging by the 400+ comments on this thread, True Blood fans aren’t thrilled about waiting until June for the new season. Yes, it does seem like a long time to wait, especially when we’re used to only having a 3-month summer break between seasons on broadcast TV. Let me explain why True Blood is different:

  • The hiatus gives Alan Ball & co. time to create a quality show. Unlike broadcast television, shows on premium cable prefer to have all or most of their season “in the can” before the season premiere. Most of True Blood‘s first season had been filmed before it premiered in September 2008 (they shot the season finale the week of the premiere). The premiere of season 2 was moved up to June 2009, which meant they still had 3 episodes to film in addition to all of the promotional appearances, Comic Con, etc. that accompanied season 2. The season finale was completed (post-production) just days before it aired. It must have been exhausting for everyone involved to keep up with the production schedule as well as promotional commitments. By beginning production on season 3 earlier (December 2009) and keeping the premiere date in June, that should allow time to put together the quality show we’ve come to love.
  • A long hiatus is NOT a death knell for this show. HBO has proven that if a show is good, the audience will return. Case in point: the hiatus between seasons 1 and 2 was seven months, which allowed additional viewers to discover True Blood and get hooked. As a result, the second season exploded, doubling its ratings and becoming the second highest-rated show ever on HBO. It also became a pop culture phenomenon, grabbing mainstream attention from Newsweek to late night talk shows.
  • Long breaks and shorter seasons are becoming more and more accepted on US television. Consider 24 on Fox – it only airs from January-May, meaning there’s a 7-8 month hiatus every year. NBC won’t air the next season of Chuck until January 2010, 8 months after its season finale at the end of April 2009. On cable, it’s normal for a show to air a 12-13 episode season during the summer (i.e. The Closer, Warehouse 13), then take a break for 9 months. This model isn’t new to our international friends who are used to seeing 6-12 episode seasons once every year or so, meaning new content is on year ’round. And on that note, True Blood is not the only original programming on HBO, therefore they must make room for other shows to air.

So, my friends, do not despair about the long wait between seasons. We will not be bombarding HBO with demands to move season 3 earlier, nor will we accept comments calling for that. We will respect the creative process, enjoy the episodes we do have, perhaps re-read (or read for the first time!) the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and bring you a series of recommendations for things to watch/read/listen to during the hiatus so that these months will fly by.

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  1. When will trueblood season 3 start in the philippines?

  2. Wheen does tb starts in Norway, and Can we have the hbo channel here ifwe will?? please answer someone!

  3. hi

    when will true blood be starting in the uk? please please answer i really need to know because i miss it. :-(

  4. when does the second episode air and what time?

  5. TB when will the first episode be released. i am just wondering because am a big fan of TB.

  6. One word-one body-one vampire.
    ERIC <3

  7. when will True Blood be on in the uk

  8. When will trueblood season 3 start in the India?

  9. can anyone tell me when season 3 will be on air in australia and what channel plz and when it will be on dvd

  10. Julian The Wonderhorse

    When is Series 3 going to be screened in England? Series 2 has just finished and we are starting to get twitchy.

    All we have decent at the moment is Spartacus and that will end soon. Help us out HBO boys!

    • Well, we are not ‘HBO boys’ but this information has already been posted on our website – front page. Please take the time to read.

  11. please can somebody tell me when season 3 will come in greece?????desperately!!!!

  12. do you know when season 3 will start in greece plz if you know contact me !!! its my e-mail

  13. Omg!!! I know!! Wtf!!! I am dying right now!!!!
    : [

  14. I’m surviving on Vampire Diaries, The book series and the next Twilight Movie until June….feel like I’m going through withdrawls.

    It’s a long time till June 2010.

  15. yeah wait in the mean time they should just make a a movie called true blood that would be alsome i think theres alot of people out there that would watch it and it would make more money than twlight because it is alsome please make a movie

  16. this is gunna be a long winter w/o true blood… only book is the short stories coming out in oct. and then june =[ …. i need my eric northman fix

  17. wat?!?!?! how can u say that???? every1 loves true blood

  18. omg!!! i luv true blood but guess what i just found out sookie an bill r getting married in real cool is that

  19. Eric Northman is sooo hot. Try reading the books while waiting for next season a new one is coming in October. I read the books and am on the last one. I have faces to put to the characters. I vote Eric.


  21. I agree!! That is why I will stay tuned. I Love the Viking Warrior.

  22. Vampires are all sexy …

  23. Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward.
    Eric Northman all the way!

  24. i believe that eric has finally met his match and true love and believe they should be together like most of the books

  25. Is there a book for season 3? Ya Eric hot but I am in love with Bill!!!

  26. Actually the 10th Sookie Stackhouse book is coming out in May 2010… cant wait!!!

  27. errose, the next full-length Sookie novel comes out in May 2010. Hang in there! :)

  28. haha same isnt he adorable??

  29. Yes, the book season 3 is based on is called Club Dead by Charlaine Harris.

  30. Yes, there’s a book for season 3, heck, there’s 10 books out now with another one out next may. The one season 3 will be based on is “Club Dead”, and is very fun. Oh and not to give anything away, but if you read the books (which is SOOO suggest you do since they’re awesome!) you’ll end up loving Eric WAY more than Bill…unless they change the TV series, which they have been doing a lot, especially season 2, season 1 was actually pretty spot on with the books. Either way, the show’s awesome, and you should read the third book if you want to know what happens, though i suggest you read the second book (Living Dead in Dallas) first, since they changed stuff for the show, so if you read the third book, you might not get some stuff because of the changes.

  31. me to he’s so HOT !

  32. there are nine books and each book is one season there called the sookie stackhouse novels and you can find them at barnes and nolble

  33. there is a book for every season! Season 3 is Club Dead!

  34. Thank you, at least somebody isn’t hating on Bill. Bill has the girl, but who does Eric have? Definitely not Sookie, so get off of Bill’s back.

  35. There’s a season for every book.
    Season 1 – Dead Until Dark
    Season 2 – Living Dead in Dallas
    Season 3 – Club Dead…
    So on, so forth.

    We should be meeting Alcide in the 3rd season…. *If Alan Ball does it right this time*

  36. There are 9 books in this series. If you read any of them, you would want Eric not Bill. The 10th book is out in May.

  37. thank you I love Bill, he shows his true love for Sooki, no matter how they met he still is in love with her, sorry Eric- team Bill here!

  38. yes. its the 3rd book in the sookie stackhouse series by chairlaine harris, its called “club dead”

  39. Yes, there is, it’s called Club Dead

  40. I got hooked in season 2, I was late because I did not have cable. Now I have to wait, I am going to die truly. No I will go buy the books. I think that is what is up, they want to sell the books too. LOL. The series is so good I am willing to wait, but seriously why can’t they just rush a bit, is someone pregnant and they don’t want us to know LOL. cannot wait till it starts again!

  41. Oh i know how you feel!!!

  42. I don’t know if you are aware of it but this show is based on the sookie stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, the first one is called ‘Dead until Dark’. there are 9 of them. they are written from Sookie’s point of view so there are some parts in the show that are not in the books (if sookie is not in the scene then its not in the book) they are pretty good. the show is better which would be a first!! but they could provide a substitute for your true blood addiction until the next season airs.

  43. Ugh, I know how you feel! I hate seasons! To long a wait!

  44. amen to that :p

  45. If you want some thing to read & fill the gaps while we wait for the next season try:

    Anita Blake Series
    By Laurell K Hamilton

    This is JUST AS GOOD if not better than True Blood!!! I SWEAR!!

    Its VERY rauchy & has alot of the same themes as True Blood, such as the 3 way love triangle lol except its between a Vamipre & a Werewolve!!! Very hot!

    Give it a go!!

    5.1.1 Book 1: Guilty Pleasures
    5.1.2 Book 2: The Laughing Corpse
    5.1.3 Book 3: Circus of the Damned
    5.1.4 Book 4: The Lunatic Cafe
    5.1.5 Book 5: Bloody Bones
    5.1.6 Book 6: The Killing Dance
    5.1.7 Book 7: Burnt Offerings
    5.1.8 Book 8: Blue Moon
    5.1.9 Book 9: Obsidian Butterfly
    5.1.10 Book 10: Narcissus in Chains

  46. ME TOO!!! I started watching Vamp Diaries out of desparation. But it’s over too. Why do they torture us like this?

  47. pick up Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Remember Interview With the Vampire and Queen of the Damned? She wrote those, and there’s a whole story that goes along with it. Pick them up! They are what got me even started on vampires :D she’s the original popcult vamp writer and she’s very good at it!!

  48. Yep. Agree with u.!!!!!!!!!!!! June seems like way too long to wait

  49. I am surviving on the same thing but I’m on the last VD book! If you’ve ever read the True books they are amazing too.

  50. Yes I to go through with withdrawel but then I pull out the DVDs of the first season, and I still have the second season taped on my DVR. If I get really desperate I pull out all of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie books. I have all of them, and am waiting on her to put out a new one too.

    Team Eric btw

  51. I know what you mean… it’s killing me….

  52. never got into vampire diaries. read all the sookie stackhouse, black dagger brotherhood, twilight, and chicagoland vampire novels. this is my year! all my books come out month after month, true blood on june 13 and eclipse on my B-day! OH YEAH YOU PEOPLE STOP COMPARING TWILIGHT AND TRUE BLOOD! THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER! did u guys know that there r more vampire movies, books and shows out there than these two?

  53. i m so totally with you on that :D i mean the twilight movie is alright and vampire diaries does suffice but true blood conquers all…

  54. I read the books during the first season (and the 9th one when it came out) and I’m so in love with Eric. When I talk about the show with people who haven’t read the books and they are all “I love Bill” I always reply with “Bill is s douche bag”… I so hope they follow the books for seasons 3 and 4 (especially 4 :D)!

  55. Oh my i believe you! i jus finished Clud Dead and i am so in love with Eric now!!!! He is awesomely sweet!!! i wish season 3 wun take too long in Jun 2010 is way too long for me to bear.. ! But in the meantime i will finish all the books since i am curious to know what happens to Eric and Sookie!!!

  56. yes but they still keep the story line with the books at the end they just take a different way to get there I love it!!! not so close to the books you know what comes next but they make it different enough you wonder if they are even going to keep it the same and then they do something that keeps it to the book, blows you away. I can’t get enough

  57. i wish i could me and my sis share the first six and i cant read the 2nd bc she lent it out 7 months ago i finished the 5 in three months and am missing out apparently and just finding out theres ten books

  58. I compleatly agree wiyh you janet bill is a douche bag sneaky bastard I have been reading thease books for years charlaine harris is soooo good she has three other sersies that I read while I wait for the stackhouse books and their really good to by the way the next stackhouse book come out in may 2010

  59. I don’t think Bill is a douche bag. I really like him. I hope Sookie ends up with him.

  60. OK so I have NEVER in my life herd of true blood books and TV show in my like until 2009 and everyone was talking about the show so i figured i can give it a try to like it and now I love true blood and i can’t stop watching HBO! So can some one tell me where’s bill Please because i need to know really badly and also can someone tell me why they love Eric so much in the books???

  61. I know! Soooooooooo excited!

  62. there actually ten books:
    dead until dark.
    living dead in Dallas.
    club dead.
    dead to the world.
    dead as a doornail.
    defiantly dead.
    all together dead.
    from dead to worse.
    dead and gone.
    a touch of dead :)

    i agree in the book eric is a lot different for eric i the series.
    Eric is so much kinder and sweet not as bitter. i must say Alexander Skarsgard is a hottie :P
    it’s does suck that we must wait till next june for season three but they must be making it good.
    im 16 and love this show lol.
    i have all the books in my bed room i re-read them.
    and my opinion of this storyline is that is has everything .
    laughter romance murder mystery. its great wonderful spectacular :)
    i do hope to see just a tad bit more action cause you know their vampires.
    at the moment im really into the hole vampire supernatural stuff its interesting.
    Ryan who plays Jason is a great character in the series in the books his a bit of a A-hole.
    Jason is very funny i like the personality of the character :P
    Ryan the Australian hottie does an amazing job and makes it funny.
    Bill is a little different then i expected in the show not the books.
    Sookie is also not what i imagined.
    but both Anna and Stephan do a great job.
    i think its great that they made Andy a little wacky.
    i think it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

    -sheridan joy elston ♥

  63. if anyone knows anyone at HBO or if TRUE blood s producers see this i want to tell ya ll this great show but story wise we want to see more vampire politics and what ever u do dont kill off SAM merlotte or lafayette cuz if u do you will surely lose viewers cuz i was mad as hell when jason new girl died in season 1 amy the girl hooked on v was sooooo hot…..

  64. hey thanks for thr tip on the Anita Blakes series I was in need of something to read so big big help Im also waiting on the new satckhouse book

  65. OMG!!! i Luvvvv. laurell k. hamilton… hate to admit it but true blood started out as something to fill in while waiting for the anita blake series as well as the merry gentry series also be her…. just as hot luv luv luv it. now im a tru blood adict too. i need my fix oh and skin trade is her latest anita blake

  66. I LOVE Anita series…..truly awesome series!!! I came into True Blood in season2 and immediately had to go watch season 1 so I’d be caught up. I loved season 2 way more than the 1st. I am just now reading the books to keep me busy til June, just started the first one and I am looking forward to the books with more Eric!!! I love me some Vampire Viking :P

  67. Sounds like twlight ! is it in 1st person ?

  68. yes I agree these books are great!

  69. hey thanks for the book recommendations, I’ve got a few TV series and books that I’m waiting for the next installments for like true blood and I keep finding other awesome things to fill the time but I have run out a little bit so your recommendation is brilliant, anyway I have a few of my own which I hope y’all who are twiddling your thumbs waiting for season 3, hope this will help!
    I think all these recommendations are so addictive I’m waiting for the next books and can’t wait!
    First the black dagger brotherhood by J.R.Ward
    This is one dedicated lady and the humor, romance and a connection between all the characters she writes about is compelling each book is from a different persons view but it comes together by telling everyone’s story from the individual and as a group. It’s about a brotherhood of warrior vampires trying to protect their race but all of the brothers have insecurity’s which they need to overcome. They are trying to win the war over the evil lesser’s (the living dead). Lots of fighting action, and finding love. Written for an adult reader.
    Book 1 dark lover
    Book 2 lover eternal
    Book 3 lover awakened
    Book 4 lover revealed
    Book 5 lover unbound
    Book 6 lover enshrined
    Book 7 lover avenged
    Bok 8 the much awaited lover revenged
    J.R.Ward has also written an insider guide, it lets you meet the brothers and gives you glimpses as to what’s coming as well as that J.R.Ward gives great advice about writing your own books.

    My next two recommendations are by P.C Cast
    The first is the house of night novel which is also co written by Kristin cast her daughter.
    This is a story of a girl called Zoey trying to get though life when one day she is marked by a tracker, she knows her old life is over. She has to leave her friends and family to join the house of night school which is where vampire fledglings go to learn their new life. And she realizes she is more special than the rest, her fight against time and evil begins, as well as having to deal with the multitude of boyfriends.
    Book 1 marked
    Book 2 betrayed
    Book 3 chosen
    Book 4 untamed
    Book 5 haunted
    Book 6 tempted
    And book 7 we are all waiting for!

    P.C.Cast has also written porthole series which is about Shannon parker getting brought into a new world of partholon which has magic instead of technology, because she is the mirror image of a goddess that is fleeing her world from the coming evil because she is selfish and works with evil herself. Shannon is forced to hide who she really is, apart form to the mirror image of her best friend who knows everything as she is the servant to the former goddess, Rhiannon. Shannon faces many decisions and the story is extremely well told it continues in the other books following her life.
    Book 1 divine by mistake
    Book 2 divine by choice
    Book 3 divine by blood
    My final recommendation is one of my most loved books. Written by Laurell K Hamilton, The Meredith gentry adventures, this is a book for an adult reader, it’s the story of a, non typical, fairy princess who has fled her world because of her cruel aunt who is queen of air and darkness and who almost killed her. Meredith has settled in the city and has a job as a detective when all of a sudden she is being dragged back into her old world and has to return to discover that she will be next in line to the throne if she were to be with child. This story has so many twists and turns that you never know what’s going to happen and then you’re surprised. Lots of romance, heroism and drama.
    Book 1 A kiss of shadows
    Book 2 A caress of twilight
    Book3 Seduced by moonlight
    Book4 A stroke of midnight
    Book5 Mistral’s kiss
    Book6 A lick of frost
    Book 7 Swallowing darkness

  70. just started. on second book now

  71. It´s wonderful to see that so many people like true-blood. And that you all loves the character Eric, as a swede I am I become very proud of Alexander Skarsgårds succsess in Hollywood. Last Wednesday they sent the last episod av season 2. So I can´t wait to se the next season. :-) It´s the best serie I have seen in a long time.

  72. try the black dagger brotherhood books by J.R. Ward. they r so great! i really loved the stackhouse books but i read these and i was like whoa. straight awesome.

  73. You and me both, Lana!

  74. Read the books, Christy. I bet you change your thoughts a bit…

  75. YOU people who have not read the books how sad for you . its amazing that you are watching this show and can keep up if u read the books it fills in os much information for you! i love this show even though it does not really follow the true base line for the books lol of course thats hollywood for ya

  76. Not me. Eric all the way! After devouring the first 8 books in two weeks I’m left wishing I could climb that viking!!!!!!!

  77. one thing about Eric…he is very TALL!! teehee

  78. Sanchez, are you Maria Sanchez?

  79. i loved reading your comments on the true blood series. the long gap in the seasons is a bit of a bummer but while thats happening im going through all the sookie stackhouse books like lightning. its so awesome. i had no idea there was so much to read and how the characters develop. as well as all the new characters involved. shifters, all the different were communities / packs, faeries and of course all the vampire drama and thank goodness they’re hot. eric sounds a lot hotter in more of the books that i read. they need to amp up his character a lot more i think!!!

  80. i don’t think Eric in the show is that different from Eric in the books. i mean if you look at the first two books you don’t get to see that full side of Eric. its from Club Dead onward that you get to fall in love with the character of Eric. i just hope they stick to it but to be honest i kinda think that the Eric from the show is a lot more fun to get to know.

  81. You may want to note that the 10th book actually just came out and is called Dead in the Family. A Touch of Dead is not the 10th book, it is a “stand-alone” book of short stories set in the Sookie universe, and Ms. Harris explains where in the book timeline each short story can take place. (My favorite short was the one where Eric is awaiting Dracula on Halloween….)

  82. Oh but Eric will have Soookie…lots and lots of times.

  83. I dont hate Bill. I just love ERic.

  84. Here’s hoping there are 10+ seasons!

  85. Thats not true. Ive read almost all the books and the first two have barley anything to do with the seasons. Thats the great thing about it! Your not expecting it!

  86. I know!!!! im so excited. I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series in the middle of 2007. Each year has been killing m im stuck waiting for the new book AND a new seaon… :(

  87. I agree!! He’s sooooooooooooo sexy!

  88. sam all the way he is lovely

  89. I am completley obsessed with True Blood I’d have Bill Compton or Eric Northman which ever come first!!! Can’t wait for season 3!

  90. I agreeeeeeeeeeeee! ERIC NORTHMAN ALL THE WAY!

  91. I found this show after trying to come down off of a DEXTER and WEEDS high it takes a damn year to see each season so i thought id try true blood I am in noway a vampire kinda fan. BUT i have found this to be a very good show . And there is something for every one for sure . I was a little thrown off by all the first seasons first few episodes gratuity . But i looked beyond that . I think every actor is awesome and Anna Paquin is extremely cute with her space between her teeth she is gorgeous and believable . And she truly has talent has she been in anything else? she is very young and has a lot to look forward to if she doesn’t get typecast….. She is absolutely reminiscent of a young Holly Hunter

  92. walmart also has some of them for like 5 something.

  93. The novels are the “Southern Vampire Series”.

  94. It isn’t over. I think the next episode airs on jan 14. It was just a break.

  95. I know she comes out as rogue in one of the X-men movies and you’re right, she is believable and trully very cute.

  96. She’s Rogue in x-men and is in the film Trick R Treat.

  97. She played in X-men, as Rogue

  98. no no no. no movie seeing how twilight sucked id prefer the tv show cuz it follows the book better than cramming it in 2 hours. no movie

  99. How are they going to make a movie on up to 9 books? Huh?

  100. krystal tagliarini

    i think thats what seperates the two .. twlight and true blood … im a fan of both … and a movie is so different … you can watch the movie a thousand times and it will never be different .. the series of true blood is great and u never know what ur gonna get that sunday the antipation is what gets me waiting for that long week till sundy night comes a round … i feel theyshould wait on a movie if at all ………… so we can get all we can out of this series and still feel the antipation of whats to come …when the writters have no where to go with it and the books run out that would be a graat idea ….

  101. I would love it if they made a movie about this series.

  102. I’m not sure which series you’re talking about but both the Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse stuff was around WAYYY (in the case of Anita Blake … way way way before) Twilight… and Twilight is okay… but compared to the other two series… sucks.

    In case anyone is wondering… the Anita Blake series started in 1993 and Sookie books started in 2001 (might have been 2000… but pretty sure it was 2001)

    I have to say, I find it silly that people want try to say oh that book is ripping off my favorite book… when “that book” is a lot older than the “favorite book” (Not that this person was doing that this time… but…)

  103. it is absolutely nothing like twilight…it is an adult book.

  104. Gotta love a Viking!!!

  105. It’s worth the climb ;)

  106. Totally agree hazel, Ifeel the same way

  107. I agree but didnt have to read the book for that loved Eric in season 2 when he said only for Sookie HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I thought that suki was just dreaming that Godric killed himself?

  109. are you kidding me, that anyone didn’t know this series was from her books? Do you sleep under the ground? And I give Allan Ball kudos, for adding and subtracting the necessary elements to make a visual experience where reading left off…..I love both equally, for different reasons. But hit the nail on the head with characters and personalities….people please get a perspective with the difference from visual reading and visual, visual…..ahhh duh…
    Did anyone read Harry Potter? No way could anyone put all the entire amount of information from any of those textbooks into a script. This series got exactly the direction it needed, and charactures either magnified or intensified, to make a written word come to life on screen/hd tv. Lets put it in the perspective of intelligence. Written words will never formulate on screen, without the help of improvising…….ah duh

  110. that is so true i watched the series first and then read the book when i was reading the books i was thinking this is so different to the series lol but love the books and love the series cant wait to june!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. completely addicted!!!!! need more

  112. Will Eric be in season 3 as sexyyyyyyyyyy as in the books

  113. Some of the Harry Potter movies were very close to being as good as the book – but some where not – in the case of Harry Potter – they should have split more of the books into 2 movies – they have a built in audience why not milk it and give them exactly what they want – But what about the Percy Jackson books – they are so good – and the movie that just came out was totally different than the book – the plot wasn’t even the same- so disappointing they shouldn’t have even them (movie and book) the same title!

  114. You are so right. And I love how they follow each character’s individual story, it gives more depth to the characters and a deeper storyline.

  115. The main themes in the first two books are the serial killer, Fellowship of the Sun and the Maenad. If i’m not mistaken these are all in the tv show so not sure what books you’re reading.

  116. I’m super excited a/b that, I can’t wait to see who they get for Quinn either!!

  117. i want the 4th book for mothers day

  118. there are 9 books new one to come out in may cant wait read em all show is different and i cant wait for season 3

  119. If you read the books you would be for Eric!!!!
    For one reason Bill rapes Sookie! although he can’t help himself, that is not something I could get over and then have sex w/ the guy again. Also, he cheats on Sookie, lies to her about why he is in Bon Temps and Eric has to force Bill to tell her the truth all the time. Eric is always considerate, protective, not as possessive, stronger, always there for Sookie (except during the torture and I can’t wait to find out what his excuse will be), and he buys her practice stuff like the coat and the driveway w/o her having to ask.

  120. I have read all the books but I too am team Bill….

  121. Actually Anna and Stephen are getting married.

  122. no there not!!!!

  123. Note Eric did it for his own gain, but I would still vote Eric over Bill. Some things Bill does in the book are border line stalker.

  124. Have watched True Blood from series ona and have just watched the last episode of series 2 and i am totally hooked. The books i have only just started to read and again i am hooked, Im only upto book 4. In some respects im glad that the series is different slightly to the books because otherwise there would be no surprises. The way in which they have been alterd i can understand to a point but ive got to admit im hoping they dont change to much from the books now because there are some real cool characters coming into it.
    Eric is just so sexy both in the book and in the series but i will admit that Sam is one seriously hot shifter.
    Im also watching the Vampire Diaries and im loving it to but ive just got the book and i can not get into it at all. Im finding it very heavy going and this coming from someone who has always got book in her hand.
    Ive also watched the twilight films and all ive got to say on the matter is…..where are the fangs? How can you have a vamp with no fangs, its definatly for the children.
    I read lots of books and i love anything that remotely contains supernatural beings so the reccommdations on here will keep me entertained for a while. Has anyone read the Succubus books by Richelle Mead? They are really good to.

  125. so, what eric did by tricking sookie into letting him drink her blood, that’s okay? he is scum.

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