EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of the “Take Me Home” Video

Last week we brought you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what went into filming the “Take Me Home” music video, featuring Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott. Today, we bring you the world premiere of the video itself!

“Take Me Home” is one of the tracks on the True Blood score, available on CD and iTunes September 8, featuring original compositions for True Blood‘s first season. Nathan Barr continues working on True Blood‘s second season as well as a video series called “Open Barr”, available on his website. This remixed version of “Take Me Home” appears on Lisbeth Scott’s next project, Hope Is a Thing, which drops in October and benefits music education.

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  1. I thought is was very beautiful.

  2. What a stunning video!! Lisbeth is a beautiful artist, I have always admired her work and can’t wait for “Hope is a thing”! Nate’s score from the show is brilliant and I hope we see much more from him.

  3. Cool video! I love the soundtrack but cant’ wait for the actual score… i think this version is even better than the one on the show! Lisbeth is very pretty- I just downloaded a few of her other songs and she has a great voice!

  4. this was always one of my favorite songs from season one, i didnt even know it was original… but it is really great to see the artists who created it. thanks to lisbeth, nate and quinn for sharing their talents -naveen, Bristol, England

  5. AWESOME! :) Absolutely LOVE it! Can’t wait for BOTH albums!

  6. Check out the single on itunes!!!!!


  7. oh EXCELLENT! now all we need is that ‘old swedish’ song :)

    thx for sharing!

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