True Blood Halloween: Fangtasia Themed Party

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Pam, Eric and Bill look on as Ginger cleans up.

Pam, Eric and Bill look on as Ginger cleans up.

What is Halloween without a few vampires around? It looks like vampires are the flavor of this year’s holiday, so why not roll with it? Go all the way and throw a Fangtasia themed party for yourself and your friends. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Get crazy with music. Eric Northman often had a ‘live’ band playing at his club. They were pretty much heavy metal and provocative rock sounds that you could dance to. Check out our list from seasons one and two and download and create your own mix. Make sure to clear a spot in your party room for those wild and crazy dancers, though.

Your color theme should be in the reds and black. Replacing your lamp bulbs with red ones would throw a different light on your party. Don’t forget the powder room! Place a black light in there and see what kind of response you’ll get. Take a look at this photo to inspire you.

Many of your guests will dress up as vampires, but for those who don’t, make sure to have a bag full of fangs they can pop into their mouths. Have a Best Vampire contest to liven things up at your ‘club’. Award the winner with a four-pack of Tru Blood! Perhaps a True Blood Who Am I? game is what get your party started.

Don’t forget the Teacup Humans. Set them up at a small table with ready made and frosted cupcakes. Set out Halloween colored sugars and sprinkles, plastic spiders and gummy worms, and let them decorate their own cupcakes. Er, watch out for this guy though:

Teacup Humans, just say NO!

Teacup Humans, just say NO!

While it is well known he thinks the tiny humans are cute, we’re not quite sure what will happen if he gets too close to one.

Fangtasia is a club so no need to plan a full dinner menu. Instead, set out trays of carrots and black olives and veggie dip. The colors are perfect! Pretzels and nuts are a must, and red and black Twizzlers Bites add to the fun.

Eric’s objective in opening a club like Fangtasia was to make money by giving humans what they want – a walk on the dangerous side with real vampires. Just keep that in mind as you plan your Fangtasia party, and you’re guaranteed to have a full house this Halloween. Don’t forget to have the camera charged up and ready, and email your photos to us!

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