RECAP: True Blood 204 “Shake and Fingerpop”

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True Blood episode recap for “Shake and Fingerpop“. Original airdate: July 12, 2009

Sookie: “Isn’t it exciting? Our first trip together? Oh come on, Bill. I was almost killed last night. Again. At least give me this.”

Absolutely nuts. I loved it.

Orgy at the Stackhouse house. Maryann finally got whatever it was that she wanted, didn’t she? It had something to do with Tara sleeping with Eggs. There was even a wedding cake. Was it a fertility rite? (Which would make his name oddly appropriate.) And Maryann suddenly had claws. I assume that means she can sprout horns at will, but what else can she sprout? It was a bull *man* that attacked Sookie, wasn’t it? Or was it Maryann who attacked Miss Jeanette and Daphne?

(Ew. Wait a minute. Was that Miss Jeanette’s heart in that red soup in the previous episode?)

Hard to tell what’s going on with Daphne. Other than the fact that she has vertical claw scars on her back, knows what Sam is, and seems determined to seduce him. It’s working, too. Sam hasn’t left town yet.

Sookie has, though. Loved the Anubis Air stuff; that scene with Jessica stuck in the coffin was just too funny. I loved Bill teaching Jessica how to glamour, although it made me wonder why the vampires need Sookie to read minds. Loved Jessica ordering a guy from room service, too.

Why does the Fellowship want Sookie? Did the Fellowship even want Sookie herself, though? Leon didn’t even know Sookie was a woman; she was just the “human.” Does it have anything to do with why the Newlins are so interested in Jason joining the Christian Ninjas of the Sun?

I’m amazed that Jason and Sarah Newlin haven’t succumbed to sin yet. It’s got to be only a matter of time, now that she has him living down the hall. At least he’s not with the rest of those bozos. Pranks with ketchup. They’re twisted.

Bill and Sookie talked about Bill’s basic unhappiness with being a vampire. He and Eric are such opposites. I like Bill, but I love Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric more with each episode that airs. I just loved the droll way he flirted with Lafayette and got him to let him in, and then just sat there, arm extended, completely expressionless, as Lafayette fed on him. As if that was all the charm he was going to spare to get the job done. (Black sleeveless tank top. Yum.)

Eric wanted to be able to track Lafayette because Sookie cares about Lafayette. Which is why he wanted to give Sookie his blood that night at Fantasia; he wants to be able to track her. I wonder if Eric was also making amends for what he did to Lafayette? Maybe he just didn’t want Sookie to blame him if Lafayette died.

Eric’s blood must be pretty intoxicating. That dance Lafayette did was a hoot.

Bits and pieces:

— When Tara told Maryann she was moving out, Maryann creeped me out without doing a single thing. It felt like she wanted to take a bite out of Tara, or something.

— Why did Maryann pointedly throw Lettie Mae’s present away? Other than just disliking her, that is.

— Newlin said that a wooden bullet through the heart makes a vampire explode. I wonder if they really do. We’re probably going to find out.

— Andy Bellefleur lost his badge and is self-destructing. He’s drinking scotch and coke together. That’s just wrong.

— The Light of Day Institute discussion about Lazarus, Jesus, Cain and Eve was pretty interesting. Of course they’d try to find something in the Bible relating to vamps.

— Tara just turned 26. She tends to cry on her birthday. I do that, too.

— Tara was watching the running of the bulls on television. I assume that was a little joke about bull-men. Or women, if it’s Maryann.

— In the lake, Daphne was talking about the world seen in the dark, like she was trying to sell Sam on something. Proselytizing, maybe? Sam had better be careful.

— Apparently, Texas vampires are like cowboys. 🙂 Eric said that Godric could have been King of Texas if he had wanted. Eric also referred to the Queen. I’m assuming he meant the Queen of Louisiana.

— The porn movies available at the vampire hotel were: “Intercourse with the Vampire: The sexual history of vampires,” “Who will he choose? His first fangbang,” and “Co-ed Chowdown. Real fangs. Hot vamp on vamp action!” The first fangbang guy looked familiar. Does Reverend Newlin have a vampire porn past?

— What did Jessica get Leon to yell out loud in the hotel lobby?

— The last few moments were about another telepath named Barry who works at the Hotel Carmilla in Dallas. Sookie doesn’t get out much. She goes to Dallas, and there’s a telepath. How many telepaths are out there?


Bill: “Are you going to leave, or am I going to have to throw you out? Through a window that is closed?”
Sookie: “Bill, that is just rude.”

Jason: “Evil is making the premedicated choice to be a dick.”

Luke: “One thing you can count on. God will make sure evil gets punished.”
Jason: “Yeah? Then explain Europe to me.”
Luke always gets this confused look on his face when Jason tells him something Jason thinks is profound. It’s so funny.

Terry: “Thought you was leaving.”
Sam: “Haven’t left yet.”
Terry: “That mean you ain’t leaving?”
Sam: “No, it means I haven’t left yet.”
Terry: “So you are leaving.”
Sam: “Haven’t left yet.”
Terry: “Dumb ass.”

Sookie: “I’ve always liked these. They’re like booze for dolls. They gave me ten.”

Desk clerk: “I have you down for a room with no bed.”
Bill (to Sookie) “Eric.”

Eric: “What Sookie finds meaningful, I find curious.”

Another fast-moving, fun to watch episode. They’re on a roll,

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  2. Tiera

    April 12, 2010 at 1:45 am

    Luke: “One thing you can count on. God will make sure evil gets punished.”
    Jason: “Yeah? Then explain Europe to me.”

    i laugh at this so hard but i honestly don’t get it. 🙁

  3. Dan Carver

    April 12, 2010 at 10:41 am

    They need Sookie to read minds because it’s much more subtle than Glamouring everybody. She can casually pick up thoughts of the humans around her… like the limo driver, to avert disaster… or they can temporarily kidnap and glamour every human they come across. Not to mention, an unknown human in dallas is less likely to draw attention than the 2nd most powerful sherrif fof Louisianna, and proginy of the missing, showing up….