Two New Joe Manganiello Interviews

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The lovely Christina Radish scored an interview with our favorite werewolf around here, Joe Manganiello. One of the things Joe talks about is meeting Charlaine Harris at the season 3 premiere, and getting to talk with her about the tenth book, Dead in the Family. She gave him some insight to Alcide as the books progressed from his introduction this season. I’m glad Joe got his wish to meet her, as he told us!

Actor Joe Manganiello is making his debut this week in Season 3 of HBO’s critically acclaimed hit series True Blood, as fan favorite werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

Having gotten the role after learning that fans of the books were blogging about him being perfect for the character, and then pursuing it until he got an audition, the actor says that he was a monster movie fan, growing up, and has always wanted to play a werewolf. Now, he’s living that dream, even getting to work with his real wolf counterpart, on a show that he was already a fan of when he was cast. (

Joe also talked with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about his roots in Mt. Lebanon, PA and the things that lead him to portraying the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux on True Blood.

For many actors, their careers begin with journeyman work — a guest spot here, a recurring role there — and their breakout comes with a single role.

For Mt. Lebanon native Joe Manganiello, that role may have arrived in the form of the werewolf Alcide, a character who debuts Sunday on HBO’s “True Blood” (9 p.m.).

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