True Blood Radio 118: Exclusive Interview with James Frain

This week True Blood Radio has an exclusive interview with James Frain – Franklin Mott on True Blood, Jarvis in Tron: Legacy, and Chess in the upcoming NBC series The Cape. Listen to James talk about auditioning to play Franklin Mott, how his character saw himself, and his ideas for a spin-off. We also talk about Tron, The Cape, and of course Forney from Where The Heart Is gets a mention. We also share some news and a few spoilers.

Note: True Blood Radio will be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks; see you in 2011!

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  1. Jessica(dragonfly)

    James Frain is so funny!!! I will watch & listen to any interview he ever does because the man is hilarious.

  2. James Frain is such a talented, charming, charismatic man. I adore him and wish him the best in his career.

  3. James is SO adorable and sexy. Thank you so much for this interview!

  4. I think James is awesome! I miss Franklin…the show lost its edge when they killed him off. I would really like it if you guys put up the audio that was cut out from the interview, I want to hear his perverted humor lol.