Russell Edgington and Maryann Forrester Make Great Supernatural Villains

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AfterElton did a little profiling of ten of the villain-iest villains on small screen, including Russell and Maryann from True Blood. In fact, they sight True Blood as setting the precedent for how bad a character can get.

It’s undoubtedly true that any “genre” TV series is only as good as its best villains, and the reason for the enduring popularity of HBO’s True Blood (which has its fourth season premiere on June 26th) is the fact that it’s given us so many wickedly entertaining otherworldly antagonists to sink our collective teeth into over the last three years.

So what makes for a good supernatural evildoer? With so many different factors to consider (not the least of which is the talent of the performer inhabiting the role) it’s certainly a tough thing to quantify, but in order to celebrate the return of Sookie Stackhouse and company we thought we’d give it a shot anyway. (AfterElton)

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Heroes, like it or not the bad guys will always be around to upset the good. And sometimes we love to hate them.

In fact, sometimes the evil-doers are too darn sexy to hate too much, as Wetpaint/The Vampire Diaries shows us in their article about sexy TV vampires. Their list includes Jessica, Bill, Godric, Sophie-Anne, Russell and let’s see, who am I forgetting? Ah yes, Eric Northman.

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