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Truebies are awesome. Passionate about True Blood, endlessly creative, and eager to help and share with other fans, we are continuously impressed by the people we see commenting here and in the forum. Good behavior should be rewarded, in our opinion, so today we’re launching a regular feature spotlighting a Truebie who has made an impact.


We chose Maddog to kick off this feature because he was a tremendous help in the Dig Deeper game thread, answering questions and working up a timeline for the clues that kept us from pulling (most of) our hair out. Maddog is an “enginerd” from Orange County, California, and credits his wife for getting him interested in True Blood.

True Blood season 4 cast portrait of Deborah Ann Woll

This is for you, Maddog!

“My wife is 100% Truebie where I’m like 70%,” Maddog admits.  “My wife is a reader, and mainly a reader of all things vampire, thus she had read all the books about Sookie Stackhouse prior to True Blood.  When the show was announced we both were excited. So mainly I got into True Blood due to my wife, but I am fully involved.”

His favorite characters are Jessica, Eric, Pam, Russell, Franklin and Lafayette. Favorite storylines (through season are Eric and Russell’s history, Bill’s history and who he really is/after, and anything related to Jessica.  “I like when they get into the past and dig out the true persona of those individuals.”

Maddog and his wife attended the True Blood event at Paley Fest in LA, which he deemed “awesome.” We agree. Says Maddog, “Seeing the actors outside of character was really cool.”

We raise our glasses of Tru Blood to you, Maddog, and hope you and your wife enjoy season 4!

Want to nominate someone for the Truebie Spotlight? Drop us a line and tell us who, why, and how to contact them.

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  1. Maddog

    June 29, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Thank You!!! 😀

    Already waiting for episode 3. Waiting sucks!

    mmmm…Jessica. hehe