TrueBloodHBO No. 1 on Klout’s Most Influential List

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Klout has become the voice everyone listens to when it comes to measuring online influences, and on their Top 10 Most Influential TV Shows list, the TrueBloodHBO Twitter feed is number one. HBO has earned this spot for being able to engage fans of True Blood in social media interaction, not only during the season, but while the show is on hiatus as well as the months just before the premieres. I’m sure that with the launch of HBO Connect, they pretty much secured the number one spot and are able to maintain it with no problem.

Congratulations, HBO!

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  1. Steph from

    September 22, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Great job and kudos! Could you all leave me a little space tho’? 🙂 *pretty smile* Really you do a great job and deserve the accolades. Steph