Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello Arrive In Theaters Today!

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The feature film version of the game I played endlessly with my brothers finally lands in U.S. theaters today, co-starring our very own Alexander Skarsgard. Battleship also stars Taylor Kitsch, Rhianna, and Liam Neeson as our first line of defense against aliens invading Earth.

But wait! Skarsgard isn’t the only True Blood star moonlighting on the big screen this weekend: Joe Manganiello co-stars in What To Expect When You’re Expecting, based on the best-selling pregnancy guide. Based on the previews, he spends most of his time shirtless. So, yeah.

FYI, actress Brooklyn Decker co-stars in both films. Lucky girl. Will you be heading out to the cineplex this weekend to watch our guys on the big screen?

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