Ready for more True Blood season 5 clues? HBO aired the second trailer tonight, and fortunately the clips are a bit longer so we can get a better idea of what's going on here.

VIDEO: True Blood Season 5 Trailer #2 – The King Is Back!

Ready for more True Blood season 5 clues? HBO aired the second trailer tonight, and fortunately the clips are a bit longer so we can get a better idea of what’s going on here. King Russell is BACK!

How much do you love Sookie’s line: “A 3,000-year-old vampire wants to suck my blood? Must be Thursday!”

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  1. Who was Jessica biting in the bathroom stall…

  2. Could it be Sookie? We will have to see . June 10th can’t come quick enough.

  3. Nelsan Ellis is a really good actor – I wanted to slap Lafayette for saying that to Sookie. Wow.

  4. Jessica is definitely not feeding on Sookie or Sarah Newlin. Doubt it’s someone significant. My guess is she feels Jason’s fear at that moment.

  5. Pissed Erics kissing someone else, still hoping Sookie and him will get back together.

    • Eric kissing Nora is like a heat of the moment thing….he is still in love with Sookie from the looks he gives in the trailers.

  6. Wow, Hoyt is a vampire killer? Interesting.

  7. “Must be Thursday!” – Love it! I watched it twice to see who Jess is feeding off of and it does look like Sookie but I doubt it. I guess we will see! Its so close to June 10th… Woo Hoo!!!!

  8. This wait is making me crazy, I am dying to know what happened to Tara!!!

  9. I think it was Steve Newlins wife Jes was bitting

  10. We getting 10 or 12 episodes this season I wonder? Also 2013 the end of True-blood?!

    • We’re getting 12 episodes, as usual. HBO hasn’t announced an end date for True Blood yet, so we can’t answer your second question.

  11. How is it that the head of the Authority – Roman – is only 500? No wonder Russell isn’t scared of them!

    • I assume we’ll find out how he became head of the Authority, but obviously age doesn’t automatically equate to power in the True Blood universe.

  12. Alcide in tears! (16sec mark) i thought this whole time he would go into the season NOT knowing debbie was dead-now i’m wondering if that was him being told .

    Jason (56sec) looking at an old grave marker and talking about ‘killings’…is he on to something?

    There’s in-fighting among the weres-those loyal to Marcus are out for blood: then there are those who know the truth about what Marcus was really like and know it’s time for a change.

    There’s in-fighting among the Fae-those loyal to Mab and eager to ‘harvest’: and there are those, like Claude, who believe that the world with humans was once their world too and they should still be able to travel there and mingle as they wish.

    There’s in-fighting among the Vampires- those loyal to Roman who are pushing for ‘mainstreaming’ – which we all know by now is just one great big propaganda campaign: and then there are those vamps like Russell, unapologetic and unrepentant about his nature-who view ‘mainstreaming’ for what it is and just are not going for it.

    seems like war and in-fighting would be the theme of the day.
    can’t wait to see Jessica put Newlin in his place. and I really hope that ‘high-profile’ interview I read about is with Sarah Newlin-sort of a-la Tammy-Faye-Baker-style, after he got sent to prison! LMAO!

    I hope that the beginning of s5e1 is a bit of a ‘re-wind’…in that we get to see LaLa react to hearing Sookie screaming (hope this happens just as Jesus vanishes)…so much happening simultaneously, just trying to keep it straight in my mind.

  13. HURRY UP JUNE 10

  14. I wonder when Sam asks “what happened to you?” do u guys think he’s asking Tara that question?!

    • yup-i wondered the same..has a newly-made and very hungry tara found her way to merlotte’s and sam?

  15. I hope Skokie gets some damn sense and actually hooks up with alcide! That man is too fine to pass up! And I hope Tara is now a vamp the irony would be an amazing twist

  16. I am not really to sold on Alcide and his staying power with Sookie. I think Sookie may end up with no one at the end of this AWESOME series. I wonder how the show will be effected by AB leaving?
    Will that shorten the life of the show? One last thing…It is a shame that Franklin isnt alive to hook up with Tara now woohoo!

    • No Alcide and Sookie will not be staying at all ….maybe one episode hookup at best ….I am not sure that will happen ….this show is based upon Sookie and the vampires most of the promotion and popularity has come from this ….Tara as a vampire i like i think she will fit better as one than as a human …..she has the personality for it