True Blood Season 5 Premiere: Most Talked About in Social Media

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Despite my inexcusable blunder during last night’s new True Blood episode, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, was the most talked about premiere on premium cable TV ever. Twitter alone generated 234,374 tweets while Facebook boasts 7,476 comments total, according to Mashable. Imagine how much higher those tweet numbers could have been had I been using the correct hashtag. *blush* (I used #AndWhenIDie, which was the season 4 finale.)

“The episode’s performance surpasses showings for premium cable premieres of Game of Thrones (58,845 comments), Dexter (23,935), Eastbound & Down (13,672) and Boardwalk Empire (13,616),” says Mashable. These are record breaking numbers, folks!

Further analysis from Bluefin Labs shows which scenes got fans talking the most. A lot of chatter began as the hour approached, and if you were in our live chat last night, you know this to be true. Jason’s visit from Steve Newlin and Eric and Nora’s “greeting” woke up conversation again, but what shot people into overdrive was Tara popping out of her grave as a newly turned vampire.

You can look at more numbers from Mashable on their website. Give yourselves a pat on the back kids!

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  1. Neonsky

    June 11, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Oh yeah and I was one of them!