Where Have I Seen You Before, Sweetie Des Arts?

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Ever since seeing Sweetie in True Blood season 5, I have been wondering where I had seen her before. Somewhere between the first time we meet her in the beginning of the season, and the last time we see her as the psycho-beyotch offering Sookie and Hoyt up for pig slop, actress Jennifer Hasty appeared on the ABC Family new series, Bunheads. A clever and sharp-eyed Truebie also brought it to our attention that she was one of the customers in Merlotte’s in the very first season. In fact, the series premiere, “Strange Love”.

Jennifer Hasty
(Photo: JenniferHasty.com)

During all this, Jennifer was spotted in two episodes of Raising Hope, and while my kids watched the Disney series, Good Luck, Charlie, I happened to walk in and see her on the screen.

You may also have seen Jennifer if you are a fan of Breaking Bad, Parks & Recreation, Criminal Minds, The Office and/or Bones. The lady certainly gets around! Keep your eyes open, Truebies. If you’ve seen Jennifer somewhere else, let us know!

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