Ring in the New Year with a True Blood Season 5 Marathon

Ring in the New Year with a True Blood Season 5 Marathon

Looking to ring in the New Year with some vampires, faeries, shifters, and weres? HBO has you covered! Beginning at 9/8c tonight, the entire fifth season of True Blood marathons on HBO2. Stock up on the snacks, grab a beverage, and settle in for a night of insanity as only True Blood (and Russell Edgington) can provide.


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  1. The authority/bill marathon was so dragging. What is the point of adding new characters anyway? It’s just a waste of money and airtime. Look at GOT for example, they do great with the same cast. Face it, True blood can not create a good storyline without adding crappy extras that will eventually die in the middle of each season or in the end. They should save that money for better writers and special effects.

    • Clarisa, have you watched GoT? Here’s a compilation of the deaths from season 2, including several “crappy extras that eventually die”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJbPhp1bwfE