Calling All True Blood Partiers!

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The the release of the final Sookie Stackhouse novel this week and the premiere of season 6 only a few scant weeks away, I’m fairly sure you are all planning your parties right now. In the past our creative readers have emailed us with photos and stories of the awesome parties you’ve thrown to celebrate each season of the show. Now you can share your stories on a much larger scale.

Do you celebrate True Blood with an at-home party?  Do you and a bunch of friends get together? For the forthcoming book “How to Throw a True Blood Party,” being published by Riverdale Ave. books, we are looking for personal stories about True Blood party traditions from people who celebrate True Blood by having season kick-off parties or season wrap-parties. Let us know how you celebrate, if there’s any type of food you make, games you play, or things you do to creatively enjoy an episode with your friends.

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