NYT Review Teases Rutger Hauer, Faerie Babies

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The New York Times review of True Blood season 6 has arrived, and it’s … optimistic about a return to what made the show such fun in the first couple of seasons. Amid the cautious stamp of approval for the first three episodes is a paragraph that teases some interesting possibilities:

As to whether the show will get back on track, the early signals are mixed. Rutger Hauer joins the cast, perhaps playing two diametrically opposed roles, in a plotline involving Sookie’s family history and her parents’ death. That’s potentially a good thing, as is the continuing story of the half-fairy children of the bumbling Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer), which offers comic relief as well as tension — they are, after all, a new source of fairy blood.

Is that a hint that Rutger Hauer is playing both Niall and Warlow? We’ve been suspecting as much for several months, but so far haven’t been able to get a definitive answer.

Andy’s new faerie offspring have been an assumed comedic plotline, but the NYT reviewer brings up a good point: they’re also a new source of faerie blood, at a time when Tru Blood is no longer being produced and vampires are forced to feed on humans. Are the babies in danger?

Read the full review here.

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