VIDEO: Go Inside “Life Matters”

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Go inside True Blood episode 6.09, “Life Matters”, with writer/showrunner Brian Buckner, who shares his personal connection to Terry’s funeral, highlights Sookie’s character growth, explains Jason’s decision to spare Sarah, and more.

Do you feel better about Eric taking off now? (In case you wondered, Eric is NOT dead and he WILL return.)

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  1. Donna

    August 12, 2013 at 5:01 am

    So where in “Inside the Episode #9” do they say that Eric will be back? This was probably one of the best episodes of True Blood this season but they had to go and ruin it for everyone by sending Eric away. Pam needs to go find and drag Eric’s Viking behind back ASAP and snap him out of it. We can’t have TrueBlood without Eric….will not be the same. What was HBO and the showrunners thinking anyway….messing with the Eric fandom will not help the ratings and might hurt them. Hopefully, they don’t make us wait well into Season 7 to find out.
    Really tired of the rollercoaster of he’s on the show, he’s off the show, etc Please make it stop….We NEED to know!

    • Mel

      August 12, 2013 at 11:17 am

      The only “rollercoaster” is one that the fans/media have built. It was one website who floated the idea that Eric was the major death this season, without a shred of evidence, and other sites have been garnering traffic by perpetuating it even after the major death (Terry) occurred. Eric isn’t off the show, period. Rewatch the last bit of the Inside the Episode featurette and listen to Buckner – Eric needs to deal with his grief and rage over Nora’s death, but he’s not gone forever.