Ultimate True Blood Villain Tournament: Round 2

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The voters have spoken! After sometimes brutal matchups (looking at you, Lilith vs. Franklin Mott), we’re ready to move on to Round 2 of our Ultimate True Blood Villain Tournament. Winners from the first round will now face off with each other in hopes of proceeding in the tournament.

See the results from Round 1 here.

Here’s how it works: We’ve pitted the True Blood villains from all seven seasons against each other at random, creating some interesting match ups. Vote for your favorite baddie from each group, however you define “favorite” in this context. Winners from each group will go on to round 3, etc. until we end with your ultimate villain!

NOTE: We had an odd number of villains coming out of Round 1, so we’re giving King Russell Edgington a bye this week. He demolished his competition in the first round with 93% of the vote, so he’s earned a rest before re-entering the fray in Round 3.

Voting in round 2 ends Sunday, September 21 at 11:59PM Pacific.

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  1. Rina

    September 16, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Guys, I think you are missing a villain. The villain of S7 wasn’t the Hep-V vamps but the Hep-V virus. Buckner explained this in his interviews.

    • candice

      September 21, 2014 at 6:35 pm

      Interesting, I hadn’t read that.
      Rina, when he said that in an interview, do you think he was trying to say, “hate the sin, not the sinner,” to make a (light) comparison to HIV? What do you think?