SPOILERS! Meet the Parents and Other Smokin’ News


According to E!, we’ll be getting some more flashbacks in season 7 of True Blood. As this story develops you have to wonder what the heck is going on with Bill Compton. We were already told that there would be more about Bill’s family, but this bit of news goes into a bit more detail: Andrea: I’m going to not ... Read More »

SPOILERS: New Villain Coming to True Blood Season 7


Ausiello has an interesting tidbit in this week’s spoiler column – some True Blood casting intel that we haven’t seen before. Question: Will we meet any new villains during True Blood‘s final season? —Tom Ausiello: Funny you should ask. Last week, the show put out a casting call for the cryptic-sounding menace, “The Figure.” He’s described as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and ... Read More »

Meet Eric’s New Love Interest: Gabriella Wright


WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Back in November, we reported that producers were looking to cast a new interest for Eric, a French woman named Sylvie. After what must have been an exhaustive search, it’s been revealed that the role went to Gabriella Wright, a stunning and talented French actress. She Tweeted about working on True Blood in early February: Loved working ... Read More »

SPOILERS: The Return of Sarah Newlin?


When last we saw Sarah Newlin, she was running away from former lover Jason Stackhouse who barely remembered his humanity in time to avoid killing her. With this being the final season of True Blood, and Sarah still alive and kicking out there somewhere, we’ve wondered if she’d return. Based on a new casting call, not only is she returning, ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Is Arlene Getting A New Love?


In this week’s Ask Ausiello column at TVLine, good ol’ Mike shares a bit of casting info for True Blood season 7, then follows it up with a stupid question. Question: Is it too early for True Blood scoop? I could use some hot Bon Temps news in my snow-filled life! —Jenna Ausiello: Is there life after love for poor widow Arlene? My ... Read More »

SPOILERS: True Blood Season 7 Goes Post-Apocalyptic? {PHOTOS}


True Blood cast and crew were hard at work filming season 7 in Pomona, CA, on Monday, February 3, and SkarsgardFans.com grabbed some photos from the set. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! These photos contain some minor spoilers – mostly in how the location has been “dressed” for this episode. We don’t have dialogue or story info beyond what is implied. The ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Someone’s Getting a New Beau!


Another day, another casting call for True Blood season 7! Those of us who have been hoping for more Lafayette in the show’s final season are in luck – the latest character being added to the series is a love interest for Lala. Producers are casting Drake, a 20-something hottie who is a cross between James Dean and Jim Morrison. ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Once Upon a Time in Bon Temps…


According to this article, the season 7 premiere if True Blood will feature some flashbacks to BFFs Sookie and Tara, when they were little girls. Plus more of the Compton family history is shown. Connor: Any scoop on what we can expect from the True Blood premiere? Cannot believe it’s really ending! The premiere episode, which is titled “Jesus Gonna Be Here,” ... Read More »