Music – Season 3

Looking for music played in each episode of True Blood season 3? We’ve listed the songs below, along with links to purchase them for yourself.

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Episode 3.01 – Bad Blood

“Good Behaviour” by Powersolo (The F*ck You Crew has Bill in the car)
Amazon MP3 | Powersolo - It's Raceday ...and Your Pu..y Is Gut!!! - Good Behaviour

“Pistol Whip Me Back Into Your Arms” by Acumen Nation (Sookie interrupts Eric and Yvetta at Fangtasia)
Amazon MP3 | Acumen Nation - Strike 4 - Pistol Whip Me Back Into Your Arms

“Crazed Country Rebel” by Hank Williams III (Bill tries to escape, causing the car crash)
Amazon MP3 | Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell - Crazed Country Rebel

“On the Horizon” by John Lincoln Wright (Hoyt and Jason talk while working on the road crew)
Not available online.

“Between You and I” by Stoll Vaughn (Sam talks to Tommy at the garage)
Amazon MP3 | Stoll Vaughan - Love Like a Mule - Between You and I

“A Drink With Hank” by Sean Patrick McGraw (Hoyt calls Jessica, who hangs up on him)
Not available online.

“Necroplasm Fix” by Horrorfall (The Queen and the Magister visit Fangtasia)

“Here in This Nowhere Town” by Agona Hardison (Arlene thinks she’s pregnant; Jason picks up a pair of vet students)
Not available online.

“No One But the Dawg” by Steve McComb (Terry tries to talk to Arlene in Sam’s office)
Amazon MP3 | Steve McComb - Coffee Table Demos - No One But the Dawg

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier (Jason can’t perform)
Amazon MP3 | Billy Squier - Absolute Hits - Everybody Wants You

“Bad Blood” by Beck (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Beck - True Blood (Music from the HBO Original Series, Vol. 2) [Deluxe Version] - Bad Blood

Episode 3.02 – Beautifully Broken

“Slither Thing” by Collide (Sookie asks Eric about Nazi werewolves; Jessica asks Pam for advice)
Slither Thing | Slither

“Rondeau from Abdelazer” by The Royal Philharmonic (Talbot descends the stairs at the mansion to meet Bill)
Amazon MP3 |
(Alternate performance; Royal Philharmonic version not available online)

“Ride My Train” by Jonathan Clark (Sookie & Terry talk in Merlotte’s; he gives her a gun)
Not available online.

“Walk First” by Steve McComb (Jason and Andy talk at Merlotte’s; Jason hugs Andy)
Amazon MP3 | Walk

“Evil Ways” by The Hampton (Rock) Quartet (Russell, Talbot and Bill enjoy a multi-course meal)
Not available online.

“Beautifully Broken” by Gov’t Mule (Terry gives Arlene his list of reasons to trust him with her kids; Franklin shows up at Merlotte’s; Jessica discovers the body is missing)
Amazon MP3 | Beautifully

“Dixie Rocks” by Derrick Procell (Andy takes Jason on a ridealong to Hotshot)
Not available online.

“Anyone But You” by Sean Patrick McGraw (Tara and the rednecks throw down, Franklin assists)
Amazon MP3 | Anyone

“Classically Inclined” by Eduardo Ponsdomenech (Lorena shows up at the mansion)
Not available online.

“I’m Alive” by Shelby Lynne (end credits)
Amazon MP3 |

Episode 3.03 – It Hurts Me Too

“Classically Inclined” by Eduardo Ponsdomenech (aftermath of Bill burning Lorena)
Not available online.

“Same Old” by The Roadhawgs (Jason tells Hoyt that being a cop is his destiny)
Not available online.

“Coming Down” by Acumen Nation (Pam answers the phone at Fangtasia)
Amazon MP3 | Coming

“One of Them Days” by Jesse Dayton (Sookie asks Sam for time off to go to Mississippi)
Amazon MP3 | One

“Dry Your Tears” by James Clarke (Mike the Coroner calls Tara about Eggs’ funeral)
Not available online.

“Howlin’ for My Baby” by M. Ward (Sam’s family comes to Merlotte’s)
Amazon MP3 | Howlin'

“Wild One” by Those Darlin’s (Jason tells Tara she’s like a sister to him)
Amazon MP3 | Wild

“Two Many Days” by Judy Fields (Arlene tells Terry she’s pregnant and that he’s the father)
Not available online.

“Spoonful” by Howlin’ Wolf (Alcide and Sookie go to the were bar)
Amazon MP3 | Spoonful

“Ain’t No Invisible Man” by Jakob Dylan (Alcide, Sookie and Hollis after the fight at the were bar)
Amazon MP3 | Ain't

“It Hurts Me Too” by Gaye Adegbalola (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | It

Episode 3.04 – 9 Crimes

“Mamasita” by Daddy P, Spiket & Da Diggler (Lafayette leaves Tara a voicemail while sitting in his new car)
No download available.

“Bonehead” by ONEPOINTSIX (Eric fantasizes about Sookie while watching Yvetta)
No download available.

“Blame It On The Fact That I’m A Man” by The Mears Brothers (Jason confronts the new jock at Merlotte’s)
No download available.

“Walk That Midnight Walk” courtesy of Bosshouse Music (Merlotte’s background music)
No download available.

“Ten Year High School Reunion” by Kevin Fisher (Sam trains Jessica to be a Merlotte’s waitress)
No download available.

“Train Wreck” by Deanna Johnston (Sam gives Andy a few good reasons to make him a cop)
No download available.

“SOS” by Sennen (Sookie goes back to Lou Pine’s Bar)
Amazon MP3 |

“Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack (Bill goes to a strip club to procure dinner for Lorena & Russell)
Amazon MP3 | Paradise

“Wolf Blood Honey” by The Upside Down (Debbie Pelt crowd surfs up to the stage for her initiation)
Not available on Amazon | Wolf

“Do Not Conceal Thy Radiant Eyes” courtesy of Extreme Music (Russell performs the initiation ritual with Debbie Pelt, the werewolves drink his blood)
No download available.

“9 Crimes (Demo)” by Damien Rice (Russell, Lorena & Bill feed on the stripper in the limo; end credits)
Amazon MP3 | 9

Episode 3.05 – Trouble

“I Got More Bills Than I Can Pay” by Sonny Ellis (Jason tries to stay busy at the Sheriff’s office)
No download available.

“Baby Let’s Play House” by Arthur Gunter (Terry moves in with Arlene)
Amazon MP3 |

“Smalltown Banjo Breakdown” by Thomas Richard Smith Sr. (Crystal drives by/Jason remembers when he first saw her)
No download available.

“Devastation Road” by eBlues Highway (Jessica and Hoyt see each other at Merlotte’s)
Amazon MP3 | Devastation

“Damned If I Do” by Jace Everett (Jason thinks Crystal stood him up; Jesus & Lafayette play pool)
Amazon MP3 |

“Little Moon” by Honneycombs (Jason finds Crystal in the parking lot and they go for a walk)
Amazon MP3 | Little

“Trouble” by Jackie DeShannon (end credits)
No download available.

Episode 3.06 – I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

“Honky Tonk Baby” by Jim Pendergrast  (Arlene loses it over Peach’s food prep questions.)
No download available.

“La Belle Et la Bad Boy” by MC Solaar (Lafayette and Jesus talk in the car.)
Amazon MP3 | La

“I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues” by Billie Holliday (Lorena tortures Bill.)
Amazon MP3 | I

“Youkali Tango” by Teresa Stratas (Eric and Russell on horseback)
Amazon MP3 | Youkali

Brahms: 2 Rhapsodies, Op. 79: Rhapsody No. 2 in G Minor courtesy of Naxos/SourceQ (Tara convinces Franklin to untie her from the bed.)

“Bizness Changes” by Art Lilliards Heavenly Band (The Queen scratches off lottery tickets.)
No download available.

“Over the Moon” by Jonny Savarino (Russell proposes to the Queen.)
No download available.

“Sixty Days on the Road” courtesy Bosshouse Music (Jason arrives at Hotshot.)
No download available.

“Lorena’s Theme” composed by Nathan Barr, sung by Lizbeth Scott (Lorena lets Coot and Debbie drink Bill’s blood)
No download available.

“Double Shot of You” by eBlues Highway (Lafayette snaps at Arlene when she confronts Sam about a mean pitbull. Sam looks for Tommy.)
Amazon MP3 | Double

“Oh My My” by Michael Mazochi (Sam asks Andy about dog fighting rumors.)
Amazon MP3 |

“Hells Bells” by Cary Ann Hearst (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Hell's

Episode 3.07 – Hitting the Ground

“Mountain Radio” by The Benders (Sam tries to get into the dog fights)
Amazon MP3 | Mountain

“Can’t Drive Me Away” by Stone Temple Pilots (Jason talks to Hoyt about Crystal; Summer shows up with biscuits)
Amazon MP3 | You

“You Get What You Pay For” by Jason Charles Miller (Alcide and Tara talk in Alcide’s truck)
Amazon MP3 | You

“Small H2O Blues” by Zebra Junction (Jason asks Lafayette to sell him some meth, for a prisoner)
Amazon MP3 | Small

“Waiting ‘Round to Die” by Townes Van Zandt & Calvin Russell (Tommy decides to leave with Sam)
Amazon MP3 | Waitin'

“Hitting the Ground” by Gordon Gano feat PJ Harvey and Frank Ferrer (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Hitting

Episode 3.08 – Night On The Sun

“Tea Biscuit” by Eduardo Ponsdomenech (Russell tells Talbot he killed the Magister)
No download available.

“Till You Lay Down Your Heavy Load” by Eilen Jewell (Lafayette comforts traumatized Tara)
Amazon MP3 | Till

“Dynamite and Whiskey” by Fred Eaglesmith (Arlene has a nightmare about Rene; Arlene talks to the new waitress)
Amazon MP3 | Dynamite

“Another Year Again” by The Sadies (Tommy picks a fight with Hoyt at Merlotte’s)
Amazon MP3 | Another

“Kiss Like Your Kiss” by Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello (Crystal and Jason talk after sex)
Amazon MP3 | Kiss

“Straight Into A Storm” by Deer Tick (Calvin Norris comes to Merlotte’s in search of Crystal)
Amazon MP3 | Straight

“Nacao Postal” by Beto Villares (Eric and Talbot play chess…until Talbot gets bored)
Amazon MP3 | Nação

“Night On The Sun” by Iron Horse (Jason goes to Hotshot and sees someone eating a deer)
Amazon MP3 |

“Head” by Otep (Hoyt drives down the road; Jessica feeds off the werewolf; Bill & Sookie have sex; end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Head

Episode 3.09 – Everything Is Broken

“How To Become Clairvoyant” by Robbie Robertson (Lafayette & Jesus get romantic)
Amazon MP3 | How

“Tricked Out” by Disposable Youth (Terry calls Sam about Tommy’s loud late night activities)
No download available.

“Be My Queen” courtesy of Bosshouse Music (Sam finds Tommy entertaining a girl)
Download unknown

“Take Me Home” by Nathan Barr & Lisbeth Scott (Sookie looks at a Stackhouse family scrapbook)
Amazon MP3 | Take

“Heart of Steel” by Galactic (Ruby Jean notices something different about “Lala” before Jesus takes her home)
Amazon MP3 | Heart

“So Far, So Good” by Jim Bianco (Holly & Arlene talk in Sam’s office at Merlotte’s)
Amazon MP3 |

“Holding On Too Tight” by Brit Savage (Jessica sees Hoyt and Summer come into Merlotte’s)
No download available.

“Faith” by Alejandro Escovedo (Jesus pays Lafayette a visit; Jessica and Hoyt make up; Tommy yells at Hoyt)
Amazon MP3 |

“Heaven Knows” by James Combs & Joey Peters (Calvin Norris shows up at Merlotte’s, Sam is pissed)
Visit their MySpace page.

“Dead and Gone” by Los Infernos (Sam beats the crap out of Calvin)
Amazon MP3 |

“Everything Is Broken” by Bob Dylan (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Everything

Episode 3.10 – I Smell A Rat

“Trains Gonna Roll” by Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash (playing in Hoyt’s truck)
Amazon MP3 | Trains

“Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus Remix)” by Thievery Corporation (Lafayette & Jesus’s weird V trip)
Amazon MP3 | Supreme

“I Miss You” by The Court Yard Hounds (Hoyt tells Jessica that he loves her)
Amazon MP3 | I

“What You Want Me To Do” by The Heavy (Russell says his goodbyes to Talbot by killing Tony)
Amazon MP3 | What

“I Smell A Rat” by Patty Griffin (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | I

Episode 3.11 – Fresh Blood

“Blessa” by Toro Y Moi (Lafayette and Jesus talk about their V trip)
Amazon MP3 | Blessa

“You Are My Sunshine” by Nathan Barr (Eric’s ringtone)

“Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine” by Wanda Jackson (Tara confronts Andy about Eggs’ death)
Amazon MP3 | Tears

“The Ghost Who Walks” by Karen Elson (Sam kicks everyone out of Merlotte’s and fires Tommy)
Amazon MP3 | The

“Africa La” by Beto Villares (Lafayette’s religious artifacts talk to him)
Amazon MP3 | África

“Help the Poor” by BB King & Eric Clapton (Sam and Tara talk over drinks at Merlotte’s)
Amazon MP3 | Help

“Fresh Blood” by Eels (end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Fresh

Episode 3.12 – Evil Is Going On

“Evil Is Going On” by Jace Everett & CC Adcock (Angry Sam at Merlotte’s and end credits)
Amazon MP3 | Evil

“Somebody’s Knockin'” by Rapture 7 (Tara walks in on Lettie Mae and the preacher)
Amazon MP3 | Somebody's

“Blood Like Lemonade” by Morcheeba (Sookie and Alcide talk at Fangtasia while Russell listens in)
Amazon MP3 | Blood

“Late Night Horizon” by The Ramblin’ Souls (Lafayette calls Jesus from the Merlotte’s pay phone, freaked out)
No download available.

“Bye Bye Little Angel” by Elton Anderson (Tara drives by Merlotte’s on her way out of town)
Amazon MP3 | Bye