True Blood Season 6 Spoiler Guide


As soon as True Blood season 5 finished airing on HBO via DirecTV, we began collecting news and spoilers for season 6. Our curated (and confirmed) information about the new season of True Blood is organized for you right here. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date on True Blood season 6, premiering June 16, 2013.

True Blood Season 6 Episodes

Episode 6.01 :: Who Are You, Really?
Episode 6.02 :: The Sun
Episode 6.02 :: The Sun
Episode 6.03 :: You're No Good
Episode 6.03 :: You're No Good
Episode 6.04 :: At Last
Episode 6.04 :: At Last
Episode 6.05 :: F*** Away The Pain
Episode 6.05 :: F*** Away The Pain
Episode 6.06 :: Don't You Feel Me?
Episode 6.06 :: Don't You Feel Me?
Episode 6.07 :: World Without End
Episode 6.07 :: World Without End
Episode 6.08 :: A Change Is Gonna Come
Episode 6.08 :: A Change Is Gonna Come
Episode 6.09 :: Life Matters width=
Episode 6.09 :: Life Matters
Episode 6.10 :: We Will All Go Together When We Go
Episode 6.10 :: We Will All Go Together When We Go

Dates to Know

Production on True Blood season 6 began January 7, 2013. Production began later than usual to accommodate Anna Paquin’s pregnancy.

True Blood season 5 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

True Blood season 6  premiered at 9/8c Sunday, June 16, 2013 on HBO.

Plot Points

The season will pick up right where it left off.

In a bonus scene on HBO GO, Jason mentions Warlow and it’s obvious that Nora knows something about Warlow. (Read full description.)

“Who is Warlow?” will be a major part of the season, along with whatever is going on with Jason. (“Save Yourself” Inside the Episode)

Bill’s reincarnation as whatever he is now will be a major storyline. (“Save Yourself” Inside the Episode)

Pam and Tara will be an item, at least in the beginning. (TVLine interview with Alan Ball)

The Governor of Louisiana, Truman Burell, is waging a war against vampires.

Niall, a distant fae relative of Sookie and Jason, will have a prominent role.

Who’s Returning?

Characters who are confirmed for season 6 include:

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide, Lafayette, Arlene, Terry, Jessica, Sam, Jason, Pam, Tara, Holly, Andy, Nora, Maurella, Luna, Steve Newlin, Sarah Newlin, Lilith, Emma, Martha, Jackson, Rikki

True Blood Season 6 Videos

(click to see each video)

Bonus scene from after the season 5 finale (August 2012)

Season 6 teaser (March 2013)

Waiting Sucks: Jason (April 2013)

Waiting Sucks: Alcide (April 2013)

Waiting Sucks: Eric (April 2013)

Official trailer for season 6 (May 2013)


  1. Sarah Newlin is back! Anna Camp mentioned it on her twitter and it was confirmed.

    • And we posted that news when it was first announced in the beginning of April.

      We tried replying to your email but it bounced back. May want to check that out.

  2. Alexander.S still in NYC

  3. lots of “gossip” abut a major death hinting it will be Eric. I wonder if there will be a true death, but that of Bill shedding Billith? thoughts?

    • I had the same thought, especially if the major death that wont stick is in the second half of the season but not the finale…
      I have a feeling it will be bill “shedding” billith and seeing as the writers love Bill and Sookie, he will have something to do with Warlow…
      I also heard in an interview that Eric’s story also connects with Sookie/Warlow’s at the end of the season…

  4. Yall should keep making episode I love this show I wish I could watch it all the time

  5. Maybe I missed it, but no one has commented on the fact yet that Bill or Billith or whatever he is… He is totally straight up standing in the light of day in the trailer without crisping his flesh in pain. Am I wrong or is he standing like some kind of priest holding his arms out in the light of the daytime?

    • I have looked at it several times… Maybe it’s the morning rising sun or the setting sun or an eclipse, but that is a very telling scene with his character and I think we are being given a big hint about his supposed “new found powers”.

      • Actually Joseph, Mel and I did talk about that in our podcast when we dissected the trailer here:

  6. im a such a huge true blood fan checking this sit for a couple years an first time on c omments im excited to see what and who is bill and this major death they keep hinting about could that be luna tho funeralepisode comes late in season i dont think shell be around that long im wondering its bill being put to rest and the new billith stilll being around or it may be eric but its reallly not like for a few episodes hes dead to viewers only to resurfuce alive to the delight of veiwers 2 epsidoes later i predict hell be in the misss episodes as dreams and whatnot untill he returns ……

  7. Does anyone else suspect that Warlow is actually the Fae king and was turned a Vampire? And that maybe the blood of Lillith is actually his and it’s just so concentrated it causes the vamps to hallucinate and “trip”? Just curious what anyone else thinks?

    • I haven’t thought of that in particular, but I do think that Lilith and Warlow are connected by the blood, which IMHO is most definitely not of a vampire.
      Fae blood would make sense.

      Dieter said that he knew the person who wrote the vampire bible and said individual was high when they did it. (on the blood?)
      He and Roman both thought that the bible and blood were symbolic only.

      Interestingly though, Dieter said that offering the blood to drink was blasphemy before Russel killed him.
      Blasphemy why?
      The blood of fae perhaps?
      An abomination?

      Good comment.

      • ooo, I had forgotten about that part where he said he did know who wrote the bible and was high most of the time. Well, we know from a previous scene where Eric drank the blood of Claudine or Claudette or which ever it was that he was “high” and although it only lasted for, what, 24 hours? If it were an older fairy then maybe the effects could last longer? IDK…just throwing some thoughts out there I have had. I mean when the writers write this stuff it’s not just idle thoughts. It’s more like bread crumbs on a path and later rather than sooner we realize it.

      • Well, after just reading some spoiler tidbits it looks like I may be on the right track here and Warlow IS connected to Billith. I am still betting my above statement is correct. :)

  8. Also, I think a major death this season may be alcide. That storyline has really run it’s course IMO. I know he’s great to look at but the story line in it’s self is just blah….

  9. just saw where there is a major death of a big player in this season and that they wont be back. i know their worried about people aging I hope its not pam!!!! and from all the sites i follow it looks like their going for a big change in cast this season.. i hope that they dont kill anyone off thats special they all are what make the show..

  10. I’m kind of wanting the “major death” to be Nora. I honestly can’t stand her and I would consider it major because of her relation to Eric. It had better NOT be Eric who dies.
    I’m also thinking that Jason could be the one who dies. It seems like his views have taken a turn for the worse and that might get him killed.
    Since the episode is titled “Funeral” it’s more likely to be someone who leaves a body, considering that vampire’s become a pile of goo (which is not what happens in the books; It’s disgusting), and we’ve yet to see a funeral service for a vampire, even though I wouldn’t put it past Sookie to hold one anyway.
    Then again, “Funeral” could be a vague description that could mean a number of things. We’ll find out eventually. Oh, the suspense, and possibilities…
    I wonder if we put it to a vote, who would be the most likely to die???

  11. I just read online that Carrie Preston said this “major death” will bring Bon Temps together. I don’t think Eric’s death would do that. Maybe Sheriff Andy, or Jason would have that effect. Also, in the live show, they hinted that it would be a human who dies. That makes it more likely that it is Andy, or maybe Jason.

  12. Has it started in the UK yet? What date

  13. I’m leaning toward Jason or Arlene. Alexaner Skarsgard said he just got done filming the second to last episode of the season, then corrected himself by saying I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that.

  14. I’m glad to hear that it probably won’t be Eric! Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to watch it if he was killed off. I would be sad to see Jason go but Alcide turned into a real ars! What is up with the him n the old witchy taking Emma??? I had anxiety watching the show earlier! Ugh! I <3 True Blood! TEAM ERIC! He's so sexy. P.S. Does anyone else hate Alcides new gf? Such a beep!

  15. Does anyone know what the song was at the end of ‘the sun’/ episode 2

  16. hey what is the closing song…called who is it by? episode 2 season 6

  17. The person who’s dying in my opinion will be Lafayette, he was originally supposed to die at the end of season one and he really doesn’t have a story he’s just hanging around so I’m sure he’ll be gone.

  18. I agree with Brandan, he died in the books, and was ment to a very long time ago, he’s the only one I could see pulling the town together over. I don’t want him to but, I love his sass!!

  19. Then what’s wrong with Jason?

  20. Ben Flynn seems suspect to me! Sookie can “feel” him in her head and he is so drawn to her I think he is warlow trying to make her fall in love. The way they met was odd and the fact that the fae club was attacked after sookie gave him directions is suspicious. Jason has been sickly and strange lately I truly hope they don’t get rid of him!! It would be awesome if him “dying” is a rouse to finish the abomdoned werepanther storyline!!!

  21. Hello, all. I love your observations. One of my own……I noticed facts in several interviews by cast members. Little, but when stuck together, m-m-m-m. Steve Newlin? He didn’t seem major enough…but maybe?

    • Are you referring to the major death coming this season? If so, one of our biggest clues is that the character has been around since season 1, which means Steve is off the hook.

  22. Great episode last night. I am now inclined to think the major death will be Jessica, as there will defnately be repricussions for her attacking Andy’s daughters. Also, I feel that Sookie’s light ball, is the cluviel dor from the books. Niall even told her it can only be used once, just like the cluviel dor. If that is the case , Sam’s trouble with the wolf pack could play out in a similar fashion, as in book 11, with Sookie saving the day……….

  23. What happened to all the great sex scenes & Love story lines? Its nothing but blood & hate & survive. First 3 seasons were the best.

    • True Blood is not a romance nor is it porn. It’s much more than that and this season is very much getting back to the season 1 ideas and feel to it.

  24. Anyone know when they wrapped production this season? In a June 1 interview Alex said that they were “filming the last two episodes now” and I swear there was a warp party a few weeks back, but Rob Kazinsky tweeted last week he was doing night shoots for TB and there was another wrap party on 7/11. Alex has also been back in Sweden for at least two weeks which is making me nervous that he’s one of the deaths this season (eek!).

  25. It just can’t be Eric that dies! !!! I will be heartbroken! I honestly don’t want to see Pam go either. I love her cuz she’s just such a bi&%h! I’m gonna have anxiety til next Sunday!

    • I feel the same way, but we’ll see next week. -_-
      This was a damn good episode. Warlow is kind of cute..of course I’d never cheat on my man Alexander…haha. Yes, pathetic..I know. Anyway, Sunday needs to hurry up and get here. LMAO @ krissy..I too will have anxiety.

  26. hello to everybody! i’m a huge fun of tb and i’ve recently read the older comments of yours which were very helpful to be honest!well i have noticed some details!someone here mentioned that the “major death” will bring bon temps together.well the man who seperated the place and brought a war was the governor burell so his death would probably unit people! another thought is lafayette espacially after this episode.Lafayette’s body was under sook’s father comand and he was trying to kill her so he could accidentally die in order sookie to live .A last notice is on the trailer of the sixth episode.there is a scene where there is a broken mosque full of blood and an angry male person( i think eric) talking to maybe eric killed pam but i don’t find it possible!

  27. Could it be Sam who’s killed off this season? He owns the bar where everyone converges, his plotline is getting old, and though he’s not human he would leave a body behind….?

  28. Do U know wen season 6 of TRUE blood starts in the UK?

  29. I think that because Terry hired a man to kill him–Arlene will get in the line of fire–and be killed!

  30. I am really really hoping it’s not Eric that dies -I will no longer watch the show, I mean really for what reason? Bill is all Billith and Sookie is all Warlow crazed -I hope it’s not Eric.

  31. OK i should probably put !!!!!!*SPOILER*!!!!!! IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED EPISODE 6 AND 7 DONT READ

    After reading through all the comments here i agree on the whole Eric cant die because he just cant, Eric Bill and Sookie i see as the main characters and you really just cant kill them off tbh. Theres always excitement around their stories… I dont think the death of Nora is a the main death but i can see the death of Terry bringing everyone together.. hes been in it since season 1 and i was quite shocked to see him leave. Nora i dont care other than seeing Eric that upset was shocking. I agree maybe Sam could be the next to die???? as hes been told not to return to bon temps by alcide and does for terrys funeral and the pack know that hes still alive? and for vamp deaths i reckon tara or jessica…

    • Terry was the “major death” being talked about earlier this season, and he will bring people back together in Bon Temps. That whole discussion is moot now.

  32. I GUSS Alex won’t be back for the 7 season of true blood after reading this article…

    “Next year’s ‘True Blood’ however, (MIGHT BE) a closed chapter, at least for Alexander Skarsgård – he is very reluctant to make an official announcement about the series. And it probably means a farewell to LA.”

    • That article does NOT say that he won’t be back for season 7. It talks about after season 7 which at this point no one knows about, including Skarsgard. So how could he comment on something he knows nothing about yet? The article also goes on to say that he’s having a lot of fun right now and feels lucky to still be in LA and working. That includes working on True Blood. This kind of comment only serves to stir up and upset our readers.

  33. hey people!what was that with the episode 10 ?? eric’q death I mean.. how can a 7th season exist without a main character? I want to believe that this was a trick because pam was on the way to find him and in the episode we never found out what happend with her so she might saved him some way.. and this would be the surprice of season 7,isn’t it possible?

  34. New to true blood just seasons 1-5 when do season 6 come out in DVD please

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