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Flashback: Watch Teasers for Previous Seasons of True Blood


Over on our Facebook page, some Truebies have been complaining about the teaser for True Blood season 7 that HBO released yesterday. “That’s not a trailer,” seems to be the most common outraged response. That’s true, it’s not a trailer, it’s a teaser … as is clearly stated in all of our, and HBO’s, references to the video. Now, we ... Read More »

True Blood Season 5 Now on Google Play


HBO has made True Blood (season 5) available in the Google Play store, along with their other flagship series’ Game of Thrones (season 2), Newsroom (season 1), Veep (season 1), Girls (season 2), Boardwalk Empire (season 3) and The Wire (season 5). It is to be hoped that soon to follow will be the previous seasons as well. These limited ... Read More »

Rundown of Season 5 Highlights [Video]


Need a refresher on all that went down in season 5 before the new season premieres? HBO obliges by giving us this 5+ minute long video reviewing all our favorite moments from the season of the Authority. Watch Bud Dearborn as he rallies for humans, Tara’s transformation to vampire and her relationship with Pam (a fan favorite!), Hoyt’s heart wrenching ... Read More »

Season 5 Recap on HBO


Dread Central is reporting that HBO will air a recap of season 5 on May 24th at 9:45 EST. Join the cast of True Blood as they talk about the Authority and other moments throughout the season, as we gear up for season 6. Check out this video tease: Additionally, HBO will re-air season 5 in a marathon beginning at ... Read More »

Jurnee Smollett, Amelia Rose Blaire Join True Blood Season 6


We have casting news for two important roles for True Blood season 6 to start off the week: Jurnee Smollett and Amelia Rose Blaire are coming on board. Smollett has been cast as activist Nicole Jannsen, a series regular for the new season. From the little bits of information we’ve seen so far, Nicole will be tangled up in vampire ... Read More »

Ring in the New Year with a True Blood Season 5 Marathon


Looking to ring in the New Year with some vampires, faeries, shifters, and weres? HBO has you covered! Beginning at 9/8c tonight, the entire fifth season of True Blood marathons on HBO2. Stock up on the snacks, grab a beverage, and settle in for a night of insanity as only True Blood (and Russell Edgington) can provide. Read More »

Where Have I Seen You Before, Patrick Devins?


Patrick Devins came on the scene as Terry Bellefleur’s military buddy at the end of season three. His story ran with Terry throughout season four as they tried to outrun a curse spewed at them during one horrible incident in Iraq. Patrick was played by The Unit’s Scott Foley. Scott has become a pretty familiar face in television, first from ... Read More »

Where Have I Seen You Before, Roman Zimojic?


When the news broke that Christopher Meloni was cast as Roman Zimojic, the leader in The Authority during season 5 of True Blood, fans went wild. His fans from [easyazon-link asin="B0000AVHCA"]Law & Order: SVU[/easyazon-link] were happy to see their favorite NYPD detective on television again after leaving a show he had been a part of for twelve years. While Meloni is ... Read More »

Where Have I Seen You Before, Molly?

[easyazon-link asin="B000SULWJA"]Veronica Mars[/easyazon-link] and Napoleon Dynamite fans rejoiced when the news broke that Tina Majorinowas cast as Authority tech support, Molly in season 5 of True Blood. In Veronica Mars, Tina played the snarky, computer genius, Mac. Being VM lifers, Mel and I were completely stoked and couldn’t wait to see what she’d bring to True Blood. Vampire Mac! On Napoleon ... Read More »

Where Have I Seen You Before, Dieter Braun?

A very familiar face joined the cast in season 5, and fans of sci-fi/fantasy television and film were very excited about. Christopher Heyerdahl filled the role of Authority member, Dieter Braun. Dieter was the interrogation specialist and her loved experimenting with various torture devices. A particular favorite was silver injections for vampires. Nasty business. I recognized Heyerdahl immediately from Syfy’s series, ... Read More »